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Don Maher -  Executive & Consultant Success Stories

Five year sales growth rate of 24% and 19% in earnings, achieved Business Week list of top 100 growth companies.

  • Put team together within 15 days
  • Put strategy together within 30 days
  • Put in place a new sales team
  • Re-priced 80% of current business, raising $8 mil
  • Reduced 5000 part numbers by 75%
  • Reduced commission expense by $800k (30%)
  • Exited $8 mil in unprofitable non growth business
  • Grew over $8 mil in new profitable sales
  • Settled $23 mil product recall for $700k (2%) over 5 yrs

In under 6 months, returned the division to profitably with a 10% operating margin and put together a “go forward” organizational and financial framework.

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