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Don Maher -  Executive & Consultant Success Stories
Manufacturing, Operations & Engineering

Morale, organizational, quality, technology, and equipment problems had company losing business, saw margins declining and major customers telling owners the companies products were being made obsolete by new technologies.

  • Implemented flat line organization to develop consistent message and evaluate staff
  • Built appropriately balanced team, replacing managers, and put key players in the right slots
  • Identified problem areas in all functional areas
  • Developed and implemented strategies and action plans to fix major problem areas
  • Lead move to use of statistical tools to improve quality
  • Used statistical process control tools, and formed attack teams to decrease scrap 50%
  • Used statistical tools and teams to increase uptime/ productivity on machine centers 50%
  • Developed new overhead reporting by process and product
  • Led move new computerized material control system
  • Used statistical processes to reduce tool expenses
  • Planned, organized and implemented combining two plants reducing break even 25%
  • Built team and provided leadership to move combined plant staff from 80% aftermarket to 95% O.E
  • Led team to dramatic quality improvements leading major supplier quality awards

  • Engineered product line 10 fold;
  • Combined divisions have grown 500%
  • Achieved 5-year 24% sales growth and 19% growth in profits
  • No customer was more than 15% of revenue
  • Made Fortune list of top 100 growth companies
  • Recognized as a quick to market, high quality supplier of “black box” engineered products.

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